Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Where Are All The People?

Where have all the people gone? Only robots are left....The bank teller, the gas attendant, the parking attendant and the supermarket bagboy....All gone....The policeman directing traffic was the first to be replaced with a traffic light system...Then the bus and train conducter was next to go...the phone operator was next, replaced by a computer where you have to follow instructions or risk being cut off and take another half hour to get through....Even the policeman can't make an independent decision because he is watched and recorded constantly and must act like a computer with no room for discretion....Even the classroom is being 'standardized' with computerized lesson plans...pretty soon you won't need teachers, just classroom facilitators....Who'll be next? The airplane pilot....already the drones are being flown by geeks halfway round the world...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Brown Bus

I was raised in Windsor, England and during the fifties, children weren't coddled like today. The following story is a reminisence of one of the buses I took daily to and from school.
I have fond memories of the Brown Bus. From 1950 to 1955 I took the Brown Bus mornings and afternoons from Clewer to Thames Street on my way to and from the Grove School in Slough. The fare was a penny ha'peny each way. I was only five when I started and my Mum would put me in the care of the conductor every morning and he would make sure I got in the proper queue for the Slough bus at the station. By the time I was six I could even take buses and trains to my Grandmother's place in Brentford. I remember one afternoon when the bus was crowded and one of the standing passengers was drinking a half pint bottle of milk and he somehow managed to spill some of it into the brim of a lady's hat who was sitting down. Nobody, not even the milk drinker noticed it except me. I sat paralized with mirth watching the milk swish around the brim of this lady's hat. The milk drinker got off and still the milk was swishing around without dripping. This lasted until the lady went to get up from her seat and tilted her head forward and the milk poured over the head of the person in the seat ahead of her. The fracas that erupted when this occurred served to waken me from my paralysis and I started laughing quite loudly. To this day I think everyone on the bus thought it was me who had somehow pulled a prank.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Canada's Thought Police

Please take the time to read about and hear Ezra Levant’s appearance in front of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. We need to thank our lucky stars that there are people like Levant who are willing to pauperize themselves in defence of our fundamental rights to freedom of speech.
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The video is on You Tube as well.

For those of you who don’t know the story, Ezra Levant was the publisher of the Western Star and published the Danish cartoons that Muslim terrorists used to inflame hatred of the west. Levant is now the defendant in a Human Rights Commission inquisition brought on by a complaint by a Muslim activist. (Levant is also the journalist who rained on Dion's parade by asking the embarrassing questions concerning Dion’s French citizenship just after he had been crowned King Liberal)

This story is only being commented on in the National Post. Notice that I used the word ‘commented’ because they are afraid to report it. There is nothing but deafening silence from the Star, Sun or Globe, and it has never been mentioned on radio or TV either.

Human Rights commissions are a little known arm of government staffed with social activists and without any accountability whatsoever. They are free of charge for any complainant and in fact complainants do not even have to justify their complaint or undergo interrogation. The defendents have very few rights and their only recourse is to the Supreme Court at a cost of several hundred thousand dollars after being pauperized defending themselves. Yet these commissions can and do impose dire financial and social penalties. Even if a defendent is found not guilty it has cost him at least $75,000, yet there is no cost recovery from the complainant.

It is time to end this commission. Speak up and tell your friends and acquaintances. It is your silence which allows these institiutions to continue.

The only other western country in the world that has ever had Human Rights commissions is France and that was during Robespierre’s Reign of Terror in the late 18th century. Mao introduced them to China during his ‘Cultural Revolution’ of the late fifties. George Orwell used them in his novel '1984' where they were referred to as "Big Brother's Thought Police". They were introduced to Canada by Mao admirer Pierre Trudeau.

Start asking questions about these commissions. If you know someone in the media ask them why this story is not being reported. If you know a politician, put them on the spot for their views. Don't be a Canadian lamb!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Blair's Deal with Bush

Has anybody stopped to think about some of the real reasons why England's PM Tony Blair backed Bush in Iraq? Could part of the deal have been for the Americans to cut funding and support for the IRA? The IRA and its political front Sinn Fein have become quite meek. No more indiscriminate shootings or bombings, also no more Senate addresses by Sinn Feiner Gerry Adams. Bush would'nt even let him in to the US and he had to be content with a restricted visit to Toronto. A far cry from when the Clintons invited him not once but twice to address Congress.
Up until the Blair/Bush Iraq deal a blind eye was turned toward IRA/Sinn Fein fundraising. American politicians, especially at the local level would always be pressing flesh and pledging money at these events. Remember the famous public fundraisers that Mayor Daly of Chicago used to have?
Those days are over! Sinn Fein has had to back down from its arrogant blocking of the Northern Ireland Peace Accord and accept its protocols. The IRA even lost all its munutions when the US provided De Chastelain's disarmament commission with the locations of their depots.
The public incentives which Blair espoused for UK support of the Americans in Iraq were weak and there had to be something stronger than the slim evidence of WMD. The timing of the quieting of the Irish "Troubles" is too close a coincidence to ignore.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fair Tax

Has anyone noticed the rise of the 'Fair Tax' movement south of the border? This movement advocates for the abolishing of all income taxes and replacing them with consumption taxes. (ie. income tax rates of zero, including corporate, and sales tax rates up to 25%) The argument that the poor would have to pay a higher share of the tax burden is completely foiled with the issuance of a 'tax prebate' which would be equal to the basic tax exemption and issued to every American taxpayer on a monthly basis. Abolishing income tax would ensure that the world's money would continue to pass through the US. Money is just like water flowing downhill and flows where it is taxed the least. This tax initiative does not seem to be a flash in the pan either, with several Congressmen and Senators giving it support. The Lib Dems are natuarally against it and the only mainstream media that mentions it is the Wall Street Journal, but it is starting to be discussed on the Blogoshere.
Am I the only Canadian blogger to have picked up on this story? I would have thought there would be more discussion up here.