Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Blair's Deal with Bush

Has anybody stopped to think about some of the real reasons why England's PM Tony Blair backed Bush in Iraq? Could part of the deal have been for the Americans to cut funding and support for the IRA? The IRA and its political front Sinn Fein have become quite meek. No more indiscriminate shootings or bombings, also no more Senate addresses by Sinn Feiner Gerry Adams. Bush would'nt even let him in to the US and he had to be content with a restricted visit to Toronto. A far cry from when the Clintons invited him not once but twice to address Congress.
Up until the Blair/Bush Iraq deal a blind eye was turned toward IRA/Sinn Fein fundraising. American politicians, especially at the local level would always be pressing flesh and pledging money at these events. Remember the famous public fundraisers that Mayor Daly of Chicago used to have?
Those days are over! Sinn Fein has had to back down from its arrogant blocking of the Northern Ireland Peace Accord and accept its protocols. The IRA even lost all its munutions when the US provided De Chastelain's disarmament commission with the locations of their depots.
The public incentives which Blair espoused for UK support of the Americans in Iraq were weak and there had to be something stronger than the slim evidence of WMD. The timing of the quieting of the Irish "Troubles" is too close a coincidence to ignore.

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