Saturday, March 24, 2007

Liberal Media in Retreat

There seems to have been a sea change in the news media recently. Gone is the knee jerk negative reaction to everything Stephen Harper says or does'nt say. The CBC has lessened its distortions. The Globe and Mail swallows its pride and grudgingly reports Tory stories. The Red Star of Toronto attacks the Liberals. CTV seems like a Tory mouthpiece in comparison to before.
What's happened??
Dion has happened!! This joke of a leader is an embarassment. He can't make up his mind to be a Frenchman or a Quebecker, he's certainly not a Canadian. Now that he's been tagged as a Taliban lover too, even the Dippers are holding him at arms length since they got burned with the Taliban Jack fiasco.
For ten years Joe Clarke split the vote on the right and now Dion is wrestling the Dippers and the Greens for the left. Go figger!!
Also, the nature of the mainstream political pundit has changed and is fast being replaced with the Blogosphere, which allows bottom up punditry.
The Tory tactic of bypassing the press gallery and reaching straight into Canadian homes via TV ads has been a spectacular success.

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