Saturday, February 3, 2007

French Quebeckers are rude.

French Quebeckers are the rudest people on earth. The other day I was in a restaurant in Toronto and a group of eight people came in. There were only two empty tables on opposite sides of the restaurant so the group split in two, with four sitting at the table beside me. The group obviousely worked for the same company and were in Toronto for some seminar. Three of thepeople at the table beside me were bilingual French Quebeckers and the fourth was an English speaker only from somewhere in the maritimes. The three Quebeckers totally ignored their english speaking companion and conversed only in French, excluding him completely. At first the Maritimer seemed bemused and even attempted some conversation. Then, when he was ignored he became embarrassed. The three Quebeckers continued in pretended ignorance of their companion's discomfort. I could not resist making a comment to my companion about how rude these Quebeckers were. I made the comment loud enough to be heard throughout the restaurant and you could have heard a pin drop in the silence that followed, until one of the three quebeckers became embarassed and started offering apologies to the Maritimer.

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