Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Dirty Hidden Canadian War?

I am very interested in history and recently started reading about the 'French Indian War' of the 1750's in North America. It all started with a long out of print historical novel found in a used book store. I forget the title and the author but it was my first real introduction to this 'French Indian' war that I had not heard about before. It had tales of scalpings, kidnappings and atrocities endured by all protagonists during this era. It was my first awareness of the awful bounty on white scalps introduced by the French to entice their aboriginal allies to attack the English settlements from the Ohio to New England during the 1750's. A woman's scalp was worth more than a man's.
Anyway, I wondered why this was new to me, since I have been an avid student of history for most of my life. Certainly this war was not taught in any Canadian school I attended. During some rummaging around in used book stores I came across some Canadian school history books from the 1890's. Now here was the 'French Indian' War in all its dirtiness culminating with the English victory at Quebec in 1759 and the Pontiac uprisings of 1763.
I started picking up used Canadian school history books and lo and behold by the 1940s the 'French Indian' War had become the European Seven Years War with only cursory mention of its importance to North American history. By the 1960's the Seven Years War itself had dissappeared completely from Canadian history books with only its importance to European history mentioned.
This war which lasted for nearly a generation in the mid 1700's and involved nearly every white settler and aboriginal native had become invisible, fallen prey to the politically correct revisionists who whitewash history.


Anonymous said...

The facts speak for themselves.

Effie said...

Interesting to know.