Friday, March 9, 2007

I Speak for Myself

My blood starts to boil every time I read something written with the assumption that all its readers agree with the content. These articles never even acknowledge that there might be other opinions, let alone include them.
A recent piece I read concerned the anointing of Justin Trudeau. The writer wrote as if Justin's father Pierre had been the best thing for Canada short of sliced bread. No acknowledgement that to over half of this country, Pierre was the worst nightmare Canada ever had.
Perre Trudeau was the first silver spoon socialist to rise to power appealing to the rebellious "me, me," boomers of the late sixties and seventies. His 'thumbing of his nose' at the establishment and comments about free love were very persuasive and hid his totalitarian agenda, which did not become apparent until much later.
Perre Trudeau used 'orders in council' as the main means of governance, bypassing parliamentary debate until they were a 'fait accompli' and required too much time and effort to counteract. He rammed the patriation of the constitution through in just two years, sticking us with unnaccountable rule by the judiciary and laid the groundwork which allowed Canada to be governed by two of the biggest crooks in Canadian history, Mulroney and Chretien.
Pierre Trudeau gave Canada to Quebec with assymetrical powers over language, immigration and education. This has led to the unfettered third world invasion of Canada while entry into Quebec is controlled; language laws which disenfranchise unilingual english speakers and education which emphasizes the politically correct over common sense.
Whoever wrote that article on Justin Trudeau's annointment should have at the very least acknowledged that his father was not universally worshipped.

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